Welcome Message :

God forbid if, you love someone who is facing with any kind of addiction. We all know the ugly side of any kind addiction that a person might knowingly or un knowingly fall into. Addiction habits to substance like drug, alchohol, smoking, liquors etc. is not only a indivisual problem, but also affects his/her family, surrounding and the society as a whole. The assicted individual spends lot of time and money, often exeeding what he has or he can afford causing financial, physical, family and social problems.

The general belief is drug addictionor intoxication of any kind is a social as well as psychological problem, which needs a holistic approach of treatment keeping in mind the affected person's socioeconomic condition and atmosphere in mind.

By enlarge people who are closely associated with an Addiction find it difficult to admit that their loved one is an Addict. They simply deny the fact with the result they may consent to the an addict promises. How very after repeatedly breaking of the promises they are forced to aknowledge the hard truth restless search for remedy begins. After they have failed they become deeply discouraged. Spouses, friends relatives who felt similar at one time.

Nasha Mukti Kendra has working successfully for men of versed backgrounds and age groups. At same time they are while sharing their discoveries that could lead happy and contented lives with alcohol or drugs.

About Nasha Mukti Kendra :

We are a Non-profit, Non-governmental Voluntary, Government Registered Organization working in the field of rehabilitation of drug and substance abuse people to main stream of society.

The Nasha Mukti Kendra was born of Mr. Deepak Sharma's personal experience and determination. At the prime of youth he fell a victim to alcoholism. At the same time Dr Pradeep Singh Dagur found several patients of mental disorder due addiction. To revive to these kind of people and bring them to main social stream both bring together Nasha Mukti Kendra. Their vision of giving a new life to thousands of individuals affected by addiction and rebuilding their broken families became a reality due to the generosity.

Its ambience is one of unconditional support and hope for the patients, its charm, an abundance of empathy and compassion.

President Message :

Considering you are the parents or spouse or child or relatives of an addicted person, and does not have knowledge to get quit this addiction, suffering from long time and lost hope.

In the noble strike to help the suffering an addiction you will never find yourself alone. Now you are having opportunity of taking counseling and services of Nasha Mukati Kendra who has designed by self experiment people to rejuvenate nears and dears to bring in main stream.

The hopes and good wishes of all the recovering addicted who are patients of Nasha Mukti Kendra and the sincere prayers to patients's family members, we will forever remain with you.

..... Dr. Pradeep Singh Dagur (M.B.B.S., D.P.M., MIPS)

Secretary Message :

Our success is primarily due to our dedicated team of counselors and administrators who themselves have suffered from the horrors of addiction and who treat the client with a spirit of empathy love care concern and understanding which in itself is the foundation on which our organization stand today. Nasha Mukti Kendra solo mission is to enable an addict free live with disciplined, spiritual, respectful and confidence life. Therefore one can become a responsible and productive member of this family society and nation at large. We look forward to your most valuable suggestions support and guidance to enable us to go in further in accomplishing our mission and in all other respects.

We assure that we will live up to your expectation of solo success in providing bandages of addiction.

..... Mr. Deepak Sharma